Donate to the Pleasanton CA Arts Foundation and Support the Arts

Do you want to make a difference in the arts scene of Pleasanton and the Tri-Valley area? Donating to the Pleasanton CA Arts Foundation is an excellent way to do just that. All donations are tax-deductible charitable contributions, so you can feel good about giving back. The Arts Education Fund helps cover the costs of organizing and managing more than 50 community and educational events and programs. These include free cultural events at Bankhead Plaza, school assemblies, master classes, art camps, programs, and exclusive events.

You can also honor a company or brand, display your family's coat of arms, or create your own personalized design while supporting the arts with an engraved logo or an artistic brick. Donating to the Pleasanton CA Arts Foundation is a great way to show your support for the arts in your community. Your donations will help ensure that these events and programs remain available for everyone to enjoy.

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