The Bothwell Arts Center: A Creative Haven for Local Artists and Students

Sue has been teaching art classes to children in local elementary schools for many years, and she loves inspiring kids to use their imaginations and create art from the heart. Thomasin has been teaching and creating art at The Bothwell Arts Center for over 11 years, from preschool to adult. Each month, multi-week classes will be held virtually, with one week culminating in a fun, practical, and interesting face-to-face art project at the Bothwell Arts Center. The Bothwell Arts Center is a place of inspiration and creativity, where students can learn about art history by studying works of art and placing them in a historical context.

LOGO & BRICK ART is also available, allowing people to commemorate a company or brand, display their family's coat of arms, or create their own personalized design while supporting the arts with an engraved logo or an artistic brick. With each new topic, there will be an art history lesson, followed by two or three lab-type classes in which students will create their own art based on the particular art history topic. Barbara is a successful, award-winning artist who teaches engaging and inspiring art classes at the Bothwell Arts Center. Kimber is an expert instructor in developing age-appropriate artistic skills that motivate students' creative processes and self-expression by learning the skills, genres, and foundations of art.

A series of art classes with THOMASIN Dewhurst is also available for students aged 5 to 18. This course presents some of the main periods in ART HISTORY and a variety of ideas and practices in Western and non-Western arts and architecture. The Bothwell Arts Center provides a wide range of classes and workshops for local artists and students alike. From preschoolers to adults, everyone can find something to explore their creativity. Whether you're looking to learn about art history or create your own personalized design, The Bothwell Arts Center has something for everyone.

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